State Of Unknowing

Entry by: tinyfeet&bluebirds

17th November 2017
I do not know if seahorses mate for life
or why a moth will always fly into the light
like a lonely kamikaze on his last flight.
I do not know why the universe exists
or why migraines come without warning
blacking out the sun, the wind, the rain,
till everything is closed and done.
I do not know if we are alone,
though I had a poster once said I want to believe
or how exactly my body works -
cells in symbiosis with microbial bodies
that I carry like lice and would die without.
I do not know why I blush when someone says
you’re pretty, I like you, can I see you again?
Why I dream at night alone in my bed
of things that haven’t happened yet
and places and people I’ve never seen.
I do not know why kissing is so nice,
laughter so unpredictable or hiccups so odd.
I do not know why the sound of a piano
its keys falling away into silence
can leave me breathless, a sigh in my eye.
Or who hung the moon in the sky
if it’s not just remnants of a meteor’s fall.

And all these things I do not know?
They are the beautiful possibilities
all the things that just might be
everything that still eludes us.