State Of Unknowing

Entry by: cjjartist

17th November 2017
State of Unknowing

Fog floats through turned gold,
lapiz space touches my eye's limbal ring,
a rustle of tumbling crisps,
day-dreaming leaves softly blanket
my emptiness.

No speech, my tongue is iron ridged,
the land is foreign, my cheek feels it
cold and unforgiving, incomprehension
overwhelms the fool, a glittering touch of

Close my ears, my mind,
block out all stimulus,
trammel and travel through the
twists and turns of my brain-
so inattentive.

You call me; I hear your voice through
deafness and pretend so hard
I hear nothing at all,
my body is transparent,

Redacted, the words build
a wall of nothingness,
and silence concretes the blocks
into the strongest of barriers,

I lie still, I am no longer here,
I do not exist, you cannot reach,
the gold and blue darken,
And I turn my head mud deep,