A Great Man?

Entry by: cjjartist

24th November 2017
A great man?

Go places no one else would go,
the back end of a Chinook,
camera clamped to your adventurer shoulder;
Thick of it, soldier poet,
part luck, part confidence,
a bullet proof vest between you and the snipers;
Stand tall, charisma oozing,
and your men follow you,
ants after the sweetest jam;
A problem is only a step
away from a solution,
mind computes intelligence, a virus;
Knife and self-reliant string
charcoal and needle,
go collect wild plums, tiny, sweet;
Out there, so witty,
your stories made me laugh-
I trusted your jokes, your lies.

So weak- you lost your strength
when you shaved your rough beard,
Samson in the domestic temple;
No big picture, no vital detail
it’s all trivial now, the dishwasher,
the make of phone…fussing over nothing;
The whole world still must revolve
your now flacid body, self centred,
never fast enough for you;
All you can think about….
your wishes, your indelible footprints
stamp over my pulped life;
A constant need to be propped up,
to be gold-plated reminded you are unique,
no one could possibly be as good as you;
And you- you are afraid to admit
your feelings, my existence,
that you are human.