Positions Of Power

Entry by: jaguar

1st December 2017

Our office had an invisible scale,
a measure of who loved and who hated you.
Every day, each one of slid from side to side
as you bullied us into more, more , more
then laughed and scooped
the weakest to your chest.

Now you’re an Avatar on Facebook
I miss your face, just get
a photo of a white cloistered room.
A place that stops breaths but not yours
you’re off to beat cancer roar, roar, roar
just another marathon you can win.

Some use their positions of power
to belittle, keep down - not you
more a suction beam importing us.
I drag my bookcase from the wall
in search of comfort, my leaving card,
spot-on words in your careless scrawl.

I wish you a graceful arc of days,
not down to a soft landing in the earth
but rising up like beer bubbles in your nose,
the taste of salt from a loved one’s skin,
another win in your quest to be
half-man, half-bicycle.