A To Z

Entry by: Jocasta

5th January 2018

When Arabella Baker met Carlos
on Deansgate, the
Early morning drizzle smothered her Face and she
Groaned wearily. He
Ignored the noise and
Jumped back from a taxi splashing through a puddle,
but she was soaked to the
Knees by a passing Lorry.

“Move off! Leave the area!
shouted an Overweight Police officer.

Quivering, she grabbed Carlos’ hand and they

“A Stabbing!” yelled someone. Blue
Tape stretched and fluttered across the road.
Carlos Uttered a guttural squeal, and
Vanished into the crowd.

Arabella Waved at the empty space where for a moment
a new friend had

She Walked and Yawned
back to Zero.