New On Old

Entry by: galeL

17th January 2018
I look around and feel like I'm on another planet. Everyone walking with their head down, staring at a screen, checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, what is all this. I walk the streets feeling free of this constant interruption from the back lit screen. It's great to not feel the tremendous stress of this new world. Don't get me wrong, phones have a place, but no way do I want to be constantly tracked and expected to respond immediately to this stalking that is going on. If you don't respond within seconds then everyone gets upset, adding to the overload that people are constantly dealing with. Sometimes I feel odd, when people talk about their smartphones! why don't I use one? I don't use one because I have a perfectly good phone at home that has an answerphone, and if someone needs me they can leave me a message. Surely this is how we managed before? nothing went wrong. I don't need to call someone while I'm in the supermarket to ask them what flavour yogurt they want, I can make a decision. I also don't feel the need to tell someone I'm on the train, I know that I'm on the train, I've been doing it for years.

Give me the choice of the slow old ways anytime, I can walk peacefully without disruption, I can think my thoughts without having to constantly be in touch. If I'm meeting someone I can wait, if they are late, it doesn't matter, I will wait until they arrive, there really is no need for this stress. I don't need an app to tell me what time the train is coming, I can look at the board at the station. If I see something that is advertised, I can write it down. If I want to take a photo I can use a camera.

This has become a serious addiction and I want to scream, put the phone down, look up and see what is around you, it's beautiful, it's interesting. Talk to strangers, talk to your friends and lovers, don't ignore them while you are busy texting someone else. One day that person will be gone and you will be wondering why. Pay attention to the here and now.

I am not a fan of the new on old, please bring me back some sanity and human behaviour. As they say pretend it's 1995 and talk.