You Name It

Entry by: Margalletto

2nd February 2018
She's the Dark Lady,
she takes you away for a very long trip when you less expect it.
Were you planning your next holiday?
I'm sure you'll find good company in Hell .
It's very cozy, I heard.

She's the Peace Bringer,
comforting you after all the pain,
Where do you think you're going?
Maybe now you'll be able to rest:
Eternal Silence.

She's the Grim Reaper,
Who's harvesting your soul now, Soldier.
Tell me, was the Enemy so different from you?
Was He's soul less valuable than yours?

She's the Banshee,
Who's shriek you have mistaken for a fox.
But your old Gran knows,
Old people always know, don't they?
She smiled and prepared your favourite dish.

She's the Unknown,
She's the Darkness,
and the Light,
She's Delicate like a kiss,
and Raging like the sea during a storm.

She's has more names that you can remember,
and one day your name will be on her lips:
'Cause She has never forgotten yours.