Just Say It

Entry by: writerSVTMLJBMPU

15th February 2018

A Little Bird Told Me

A Robin came in through a hole
And brought me in his coloured bib
He gave me orange when all I had was blue
His world and mine reflected in his wet coal eye
A moment just for me
Something like a smirk
A finger-wag
The beginning of a game of wait and see.

We fall like winter nights
Before our walk becomes a run
And when our voice seems lost at sea
The winds will blow it home and round it off
So we may speak again
But gentler this time

Hope is a sunrise every dawn
And dreams the eggs we carry in our hands
All we have to do is keep them safe and warm
And never leave them down
One day they'll hatch
And we'll look up and watch them fly
Higher than we thought they ever would
To wheel and soar until their time is done
Until they're spent and we are truly gone for good

We come to know ourselves through many means
In amongst the many parts at play
So cut the ropes that lash us to the worst in us
And free the strings that sound the notes so we might finally say
That even though our lives are tiny fleeting things
And we must fight to keep the wolves at bay
These are our songs
Sung in our time
So that love will always win the day .