Work In Progress

Entry by: jaguar

22nd February 2018
Work in Progress

Neither raw materials nor
completed projects, you fear us
becoming either of those things.
Or do you just fear us today?

No monetary value
- quite the opposite –
you laugh at our cost
but your eyes are bitter
about the money, the personal
prices paid. Are we too much?

Partially completed but looking
all wrong, no reflection
of your long-held expectation.
Who snuck this version of us in?
You don't approve of it.

Will we ever be accepted
into inventory? We’re all afoot,
well under way in false forms,
perils in the pipeline.
Might this be your fault?

Relentlessly ongoing,
we’re advancing, cutting-edge, in vogue,
up and running the other way,
realizing wretched selves.

You cry out our names, arms
out-stretched, spell-casting
and we turn, under revision kids
letting off steam before
we run home to you,
fit back in to the selves you knew.