Too Much Information

Entry by: Cat Chase Tail

26th February 2018
There is this:
The rain patters out on the glass
And wind rumbles down the chimney
And I know that the woods will grumble
Wet in gloom, slick and chill
Leafless rain-greased bark
Invisible in night-black dark

And I know, that that matters
And the other things:
The tv screen
The workplace, the office
The coffee, chitchat
Drinks, beers, organic treats,
All those things:

The not seeing friends
The losing friends, the hopelessness
Insurance, tax, NCT, the hoops
Of modernity: mechanics, plumbers
Electricity bills, pensions, cautioning bankers
Worrying facts of adult life,

I know that all this fades in the face
Of the falling night
And rising November winter whine
The murderous rain, the indifferent wind
The tangled lying roots and swamping mud

The reality is wild
Out there it is wild
And in here it is wild
Manifest as calm
One fist, one hand.