Too Much Information

Entry by: writerJRZRNTRDPX

1st March 2018
Nicole Peters hung her coat up by the front door for the last time. She was leaving on an early flight heading for Sydney, Australia, and had no intention of coming back - well at least not unless her Visa card maxed out.
She was hoping for pastures new - a silver lining - slightly greener grass even…, anything really was better than here. She couldn’t take it here anymore, not like this. Knowing you’ve been beaten is one thing, but walking into your house to see the love of your life pleasuring your best friend is a whole other ball game.
Well… EX best friend ……….in fact friend is probably too good of a word for her too…
Bitch!... that’s more like it.
Nicole checked her bags for the millionth time, she’d had them packed for weeks but still had that ‘missing’ feeling; the one where you know you’ve forgotten something, you just can’t remember what it is.
She could hear her mother in her head saying, “passports – check, money – check, tickets – check, smile – double check,” that was before she had lost her tickets to Cuba and nearly missed her own flight.
She missed her mother so much, it had been eight years since she had lost her fight with cancer and Nicole’s heart still ached the same it had the day she died. Maybe that’s what the ‘missing’ feeling was - after all she had practically lived with that feeling ever since.

Nicole was happy to be seeing her father again. He wasn’t very impressed when she called to say she had resigned from her job of ten years and given notice on her house to up and leave the country. But at the same time I think he was happy she was going to stay. They hadn’t seen each other in two years and after he had remarried he thought she would never forgive him enough to visit. Especially after she had found out about his new girlfriend by picking up the landline before he moved away and overhearing them discuss their previous night’s lustrous antics; that had been way too much information.

A broken heart can overshadow other wounds, well it had in Nicole’s case, she couldn’t wait to fly three thousand miles to the other side of the globe, as far away from Andy and the bitch as she could. It had seemed ironic to her - to choose her father’s place to go to after Andy had cheated. Her mother had only been buried for a year before he was fooling around with his neighbour Ms Pickett - the barely dressed blond from three doors down. Or ‘Dolmio Doxy’ as she’d call her; she dropped off at least two lasagnes a week, clearly thinking since her mother had passed away, they had no ability to work a cooker.
Oh how the neighbours had gossiped. They always loved to gossip. When her mother died – gossip, when her father left with Ms Pickett– gossip, when she met Andy – gossip.

Nicole just had one last thing to do before she left. It wouldn’t take long, then she would have her revenge. The taste of sweetness instead of the rotten taste of the peachy life she once had, now spoilt.

She opened her laptop, connected her phone via the USB port and watched as the data uploaded to her screen. Clearly Andy hadn’t noticed the CCTV she had had installed at their house. She had been frightened by a recent bout of break-ins in the neighbourhood, so decided to do something about it.

During her anger of seeing them rolling around naked together on her expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, it had slipped her mind to mention the cameras capturing everything inside and out that she could view directly from her phone app. She had kept it to herself, pretending nothing had changed – whilst secretly making her plans; booking her flight, ending the lease on her house and resigning from work. All things Andy had no control over.

Nicole, selected the video and images she required and inserted them into an email with the subject:


She hovered over the ‘send’ button for a moment, anticipating the reaction at the other end. Understanding too well the pain he would feel.

He had a right to know…

She hit send.

Andy would be crushed. The bitch would be destroyed.

The following morning came round fast. Andy had left early for work and Nicole knew the email wouldn’t have been opened yet, it had only been sent at 1am and it was still so early.

Her taxi arrived and she felt the first of many weights lifting from her shoulders as she jumped inside. Wishing away the minutes until she would land in Australia and start her new life.

Watching out of the window as she drove through the town, she saw the familiar church building she had found solace after her mother’s passing. She felt a twinge of heartache imagining the pastor opening the email to see his wife, the bitch, in bed with another woman - Andy. The love of her life. She’d risked so much to be with her. Oh how the neighbours had gossiped.

Nicole smiled to herself; free of the whispers, free of the deceit – miles away from earshot.

Knowing how the neighbours will gossip once again.