Nothing But Disgust

Entry by: writerJRZRNTRDPX

5th March 2018
DUST (nothing but disgust)

She looks down at me
Eyes dull, nothing but disgust
No empathy, no pardon
I may as well be dust

She doesn’t ask me questions
She has made up her mind
No facts. Except I scare her
She’s intimidated, disinclined.

But why is it she fears me?
For I am just plain me
Is it because I sit here?
Alone, disliked, beastly

But she doesn’t know my reasons
She doesn’t understand
She lives in her ivory tower
Away from my cold land

She can’t see the pain I’m feeling
The hurt that my mind holds
The day that I lost everything
The day it all unfolds

For once I was a princess
Dancing, golden, in his eyes
But with the scream of metal
All I hear are cries

Now I sit here waiting
And beg upon the street
I look in their eyes for kindness
But often feel defeat

I live in hope that one day
In disgusts place there will be
A look of admiration
For the girl I want to be.