Always Fighting Fire

Entry by: jaguar

14th March 2018
Monitor Lizard

Doorbell snaps an elastic thought
irreparable, it’s lost under the desk
will only be found when I move
furniture, brain still broken
I open the front door.

She’s almost in my face, passive-
aggressive pose owns my mat,
my time, my thoughts, my faith
pink tongue flicks past cratered skin
wrinkles built by pursing lips.

I want to talk to you about
a very important event.

I know Jesus is coming
her tone as weighty as an avalanche,
the same sense my anger must be buried,
stifled, whited out, I can’t shout
how dare you force your fictions
down my throat?

They’re everywhere, people who know
what I should think, believe
please just go away
how can I be sure there is no god
when she’s a komodo dragon
breathing venomous fire.