Under The Weather

Entry by: vinita18

13th February 2014
Dull Ash

The rain has got to my dreams now
That bright, sunny porch of promises
Lies scraggly wet and limp
Unable to fly an inch on sodden wings
The rain has got to my dreams

This bed on which I lay every night
And twittered excitedly in my head
About the scintillating colors
In which life promised to dance before me
Is damp like the last shuddering breath of moist lungs

Grey is a shroud that sternly ushers a rainbow in its folds
Like a hard nazi soldier rounding off a flourishing race
Life is greying... like flowers being burnt to dull ash
I can't seem to meet myself anymore
I have forgotten who I am

Under this grey shroud
You and I are islands
Nothing connects us except idle sea water
Empty, tired-looking, bereft of any message in a bottle
Eroding our edges with every wave

Ah! That it came to this!
That our blood turned so cold, our words so bitter
Darkness has seeped into dawn, has flooded the sun
If It drowned me, you wouldn't know. You're that far
And I'm that under the weather
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