Gone To Seed

Entry by: writerJRZRNTRDPX

4th September 2018
Gone To Seed...

I'm looking into the distance, yet see now view,
I am clenching my fists but feel nothing but air escape my lonely fingers,
My strength has filtered through my pores and left me.
What's beating in my chest is cold and displaced,
Broken pieces crumble, rattling around the cage that is my ribs.
A prison of pain and trapped emotion.
I have lost myself. I have gone to seed.
There's an ache somewhere - I cant explain it. Crippling my senses.
I smell only burnt feelings; an ash of a once fiercely burning fire.
I hear only emptiness, the echo of a silent scream.
I taste only regret and bitterness; a self mutilation.
My feet beneath me provide little support to their weeping corpse,
Connected to bones that are weak - brittle.
I am walking into the distance, no path, no direction.
Yet... I am standing still.