Gone To Seed

Entry by: Obergo

5th September 2018
~ Grown Siblings / Arriving at Everything ~

Your first words were also mine,
Found near the tree, in the mud,
Given up to be polished and smoothened
In our Celtic flesh and blood,
Until moods broke across our rooms,
Thrashing waves, a high bright moon,
Then the floating and sinking,
The cigarettes and the drinking
Raised us up, eyes closed tight -
Oh! Awoke us to horror of the night.

Grown now, I see your knotted face,
Folded in secrets from this unwinnable race,
Our empire fallen, things put up again,
Smiles mounted to reach the other's unknown game,
I want to see you though, by the copper beech tree,
When I was you and you were me,
Just before you caught the butterfly, or did I?
All above us our secret sun-moon sky,
Once more, among the fallen autumn seeds,
Before I went to get a jar as you set the insect free.