Organs Of Donation

Entry by: Lossie Laxton

17th December 2014
How is it that we can create a society in which
people can feel a strong enough moral
imperative to give one of their kidneys to the general good,
But it’s so hard to make one where people pay taxes which go to the same
end, or create a decent public healthcare system in the country which ‘leads the free world’?

Working this out: we’re more than one thing, and maybe we
Can understand it by looking at sales and marketing; there’s generic
marketing so we say ‘drink milk’ and thus ‘survive with kidneys’; there’s
individual worth, needed to survive – what’s the sum of me and does losing a kidney make it more?
And life boredom dancing alongside.
There’s integrity - have I done everything, have I been true?
And then there’s capitalising on assets which can happen at any time of need
(Whether in this world or beyond.)

So listen, you donated me your time last night
To help me with my project, and today I’m selling you
Part of my brain as I’m short of cash and you can’t
Do it without me so I’ll take a bit of the profit.

If I had but world enough and time I’d give you it for free
But needs must and the language of altruism enables me
To put myself in poll position anyway.

If they wanted to in the future could they take my brain
And use it to help with big negotiations, if theirs weren’t good enough?
It’s in the top 0.01% in the world, so should be in demand like Danish sperm.
Or would I be able to say no,
you can’t use my brain ever, because I don’t trust you and your schemes?

Here’s the question: will humans always want the blind love of babies more
than they want smart decisions, intelligent government?