Organs Of Donation

Entry by: vinita18

17th December 2014
Donating An Organ

Take my eyes gladly and make them your own
They're of no use to me once I'm dead and gone
I hope you see through them all that I once saw
Fill your sight with wonders and my kind of awe

The kidneys - ah! they come in a pair
I don't need to die for one to spare
I'm heartened to know my neighbor touched eighty one
After she'd donated her kidney at forty one

Don't forget to take my heart away
And no, I don't mean that in a funny way
But truly - to have it beating in another's chest
So that his life heals, becomes the best

Wait, there's more in my body that is of use
I know 'cause I've filled the forms and ticked the dos
Sclera, cornea, liver, tissues, sinew and skin
If I could, I'd give away my last breath from within

How redeeming to carry away only my soul
For there's no need up there for flesh and bones
I'd rather my kneecap help a grandpa walk
Alongside his grandchild when his grandchild craves to go to the park

Donating my organs - such a glorious delight!
Joy to leave the world with a body so light
Divine to live life again through others
Connected tendon to tendon, muscle to muscles

What more could I possibly desire
Except that life's precious fire
Finds its flame in another's breath
And lives a new life after I am dead.
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