Take Back Control

Entry by: Maje

23rd November 2018
I'm in the Driver’s Seat

Highway out of a city
somewhere hot & oily - Texas?
Yeah that will do
& we're driving fast
wasteland on both sides
lights behind closing into the dirt
you & me in a 80’s Chevy, green with a white top
prefer a black paint job
but you take what you can get

We've no time to stop
all pedal to the metal, as Unc would say
in his rundown garage, under a creaking red sign
his other - “did I tell you about the car!
A Ferrari - yes, stopped where you're standing
…..most exciting time of my…. I nearly wet…..”
I look at you & nod the nod
time to leave this hick town

But things don't work out for us, not like we've planned
you shake your head in the shadows? Or is it the suspension?
& now we’re on the run, you slump on a bend
ah, but at least we’re in control
the new Thelma & Louise!
Well Thelma & Louis
ain't dressing in women's clothes just yet
you mutter something? Or is it the radio?
I brush against you - so fucking cold!
But if we get away with it, or if I do
could be an option