Realms Of Possibility

Entry by: Avian

18th December 2018
Our men glitch
by sixty, hearts freeze
framed mid-
pump, our mothers
metastasized, errors passed
womb to womb, eyes to breast.
Our family is fixed in closed loops,
mourning routine, in cycles.

Enter GodMode:
swallow the tail end of life
and cheat death / cheat code / cheat
this failing body, an inheritance
never asked for.

An embryo sculpts limbs from blunt mass,
snarls to sparse circuits - is half dead
before birth - flesh shed
cells at a time; form carved
into function.
I’ll respawn with worn versions of self
sloughed like loose skin, refreshed,
a man emerging
more precise,

Note: GodMode is a common cheat code in video games, conferring invulnerability or unlimited 'lives'.