Rock And Roll

Entry by: Junie D

15th January 2019
Falling Rock

An old man sits ranting

The world is full of madness, masquerading as normal
what is normal?
the ability to appear upright whilst falling, I believe

Here, the manual

Being a rock prevents you from falling, but when you start to fall
you cannot cling to yourself. Should you try, you only fall faster.

It is the fate of the falling rock.

Really, it is inside that we die first, he says, spittle dribbling down his undershirt
then the rest follows - slowly, determinedly

Death resides in my heart, he thumps his chest
it is the nearness of it that comforts me
at peace in solitude
and a rock
I hurt no one
but everyone gets a shot at me
I unroll myself at the feet of the careless

the careless, he cries; the world’s loss of love, care, respect!
it is that which pains me
thus when I am alone I am at peace

Solitude I choose; I choose willingly
and revel in it
it gives me freedom, independence
from reliance on fulfilment from others
who are incapable
and of those there are many

(derisively) The hollow reeds

Now choose, do choose. He looks me straight in the eye

hollow reed or falling rock?
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