Rock And Roll

Entry by: SimonH

17th January 2019
I can feel my heart beat out that
Writhing march that constricts and chokes
My breath.
Each waiting beat, each unsettled step
Another second gone out of reach
And yet
Still the blind, bovine hope remains,
Flickering in stubborn stuttering
Bursts. But
Not desired. All I wants the cool
Dark, and that these bloodied feelings
Be burnt
Out of my heart. I wasn’t one for
Self doubt, self-immolation, yet it
took me

With “Loving your profile”
It began, and
with this deadening
silence it ends.
I lie, awake, and alone,
And turn on the radio.
Just to hear, a single voice
Thats drifting out to me

I’d cry if you could hear,
I’d cry if you could see
But at “1.2 miles away”,
So close so far,
There’s as yet no relief for me.

“A classic here from the King”
And, quietly buzzing,
a message from her

- I think you are lovely but..
I get so lonely, baby, I get so lonely,
yeah I get so lonely I could die