Praise Of Risk

Entry by: writerBFHEKQSXJJ

28th August 2020
You have nothing to lose?
Is there really a risk?
Down on your knees, heaving, sick.

Gasps of dank breath,
no toothpaste, no strength.
Risk going out?
Risk staying in.

Crawling through life,
crippled with debt.
Emotional, physical,
historical regret.

You’ve already lost it all.
Is there really a risk?
Nothing left to give,
but frustration’s lament.

Not giving up,
not giving in,
lyrics meant to strengthen them.

Weakening you fall again,
nothing to lose,
nothing to give.

There is only one thing left.
Resolve, however weak.

Here lies the risk.

Lose that crumb, that penny, that speck.
Truly lose it all.

No matter how dark.
How small.
How thin.
Must not give up.
Must not give in.
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