Answer The Question!

Entry by: Alobear

25th March 2021
I had two favourite jokes when I was growing up:

Me: Ask me if I’m an orange.
You: Are you an orange?
Me: No

Me: What’s the connection between an orange and a lemon?
You: I don’t know. What’s the connection between an orange and a lemon?
Me: Neither of them can drive a tractor.

I have no idea where I got them from, but I definitely judged my friends based on whether or not they agreed these gems were funny.

Humour is a very strange thing. I think most people who know me would say I have a decent sense of humour and can be funny on occasion. And there are lots of books I’ve read and films and TV I’ve seen that make me laugh.

But, generally speaking, if something is billed as a ‘comedy’, I won’t find it funny. I don’t like slapstick or broad humour or the humour of pain. But I do like wit and clever word play. Offer me the chance to go to the theatre to see a Restoration comedy and I’m there. But The Office? No, thanks!

The conversation that’s made me laugh the most in the last few years (and which I still quote frequently) went like this.

Husband: (driving really fast round a bend) Wheeee!
Me: (holding on for dear life) Don’t drive like that!
Husband: (pouting) Sad now.
Me: I’m sorry I always ruin all your fun.
Husband: It’s not always. (Pause) Sometimes you’re not there…

So, I can definitely laugh at myself.

On another occasion, I said something that made my husband laugh and his response was, “We’re really funny. We should do a podcast together.”

The idea took root and I bought a book by a podcaster I admire, all about how to start a podcast. In the opening chapter, it said, “You have to have a good reason for starting a podcast. It shouldn’t be just because you and your friend, Dave, think you’re funny.”

And yes, my husband’s name is Dave…

So I went back to the drawing board, followed the advice in the book and built a good idea for a podcast. We’ve been doing it for over 18 months now and actually have some regular listeners.

So, apparently, there are lots of ways to be funny and to put it to good use.

And I’ve come a long way from telling people to ask me if I’m an orange.