Organs Of Donation

Entry by: spulusan

19th December 2014
on his last night
he twirls the beddings
his feet pointed
his body constrained
in the twists of cloth
tightly bound
to unfurllllllll

his arms bend back
the impact
of the rotation
and all he every was--
a heart, pair of lungs,
a liver, capable eyes
and bone--
pass through his skin
to be planted within
names on a list

in the chest
there is a flutter
then a pulse, then clean air
then cloudless sight
full periphery
and health

on his last night
he is dreaming
of growth spurts
how an unconscious kick
stretches the limbs
extends height
a progression so secretive
we take for granted
the passing of time

he is dreaming
of ascension
as a rotating pull to the sky
in his bed twisting sheets
and released
to be made empty
for others

a dandelion man

his mouth
open in an O
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Marker 2
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