Out Of Nowhere

Entry by: Finnbar

14th December 2021
Watch me drag and scrape,
decrepit, weak natterjack
short-legged failure of a disposition.
Distinctive gait through life.
Deformed awkward strut, in contract to the
hopping of my peers.
Dental inspections.
Mouthly decay.
Unbalanced budgets.
Declining stock prices.
Deadlines unmet.
Imposter. Imposter. Imposter.

Out of nowhere comes
sudden burst of hope
Tuesday afternoon,
The heaping
pile of life that overspilled
my platter seemed

Out of nowhere strikes
distant chorus of the dawn birds,
Scoop up, re-mould
Little globs of failure.
And look.
No one has shouted at me
For last week’s delays.

The world has not ended.