Organs Of Donation

Entry by: Castalia

19th December 2014
Organs of Donation

I listened to Mr Enlightened Leader’s speech today (that’s what he’s known as – even though it’s a private company he acts like he owns the universe) – I’d travelled all the way from Lunar Two and it’s not as far as Mars Mission, I know, but there’s always someone worse off isn’t there, and at least they put you in stasis when you’re coming from MM so you get there feeling rested - took me two days on the cheap ticket and not much sleep! Then adjusting to the climate here really takes it out of you…I had a job to stay awake during old Leader’s speech. I’m still not sure what he wants us to do to be honest. Does he want us to give our AOs away when we’ve only just got them, or does he want us to give money? Haven’t they got enough from selling us these things? Although ours were subsidised as a perk of the job…
There’s beers on Organs of Resistance’s stand. I’ll head over there now and see what the others think. There’s Juno from Mars Mission! Haven’t seen him for about three years, since he got posted out there to work on the nano stuff.

‘Hey, how’s it going? Long time no see!’
[gets a beer ‘do I need to pay? No – thanks that’s great!’]
‘Hey Sila – good to see you!’
[gives big hug and two cheek kisses, then a third]
‘It is three on Mars Mission!’ he counters, smiling.
Oh really. It seems to be three in a lot of places these guys work in my experience. Still, I’m not complaining. Even today – and who would have thought it back in 2000 when I thought I was only going to live to be maybe 80 or 90 – who would have thought that in 2150 engineering would still be so dominated by the Y chromosomes? We all pretty much choose what chromosomes we have now, which ironically makes it even harder to answer that whole question of nature/nurture, individuality, freedom of choice etc. I wrote my thesis on original thought though by the time I finished it I’m not sure it was even original.

‘What do you reckon the Leader’s gonna ask us to do then, Juno?’ I echoed the conversation of everyone surrounding us. He answered, furtively, ‘Well, I don’t know if I should really say…’ My young colleague Pam helpfully excused herself to go to the toilet, and so he continued: ‘…well I heard that he’s doing this to get a jump on Organs of Resistance, because they were going to start making an AO that’s cheaper. And you know how everything’s all mixed up with the altruism quotient these days, so if AO Ltd can capitalize on that then they can get a legitimate monopoly – without the altruism it’s just free market. But I heard that there were brown paper envelopes changing hands on the Station Venus a few weeks ago..’ I laughed. ‘Sorry, it just sounds funny that we’re still talking about brown paper envelopes – do you think they ever still use them? Can you even buy them any more?’ ‘I dunno – I didn’t ever have tried to buy one since a long time!’ Sometimes, even now, his north European origins came through his usually-perfect international English.

Sunla McJowsky caught my eye, smiled and wandered over. ‘Hey lady! It’s been too long!’ she effused. ‘Might have known I’d find you on the free beer stand though. You still reporting on all us mere mortals – or should I say immortals?’ We laughed, and ‘Yep – you know the deal – we know your deals before you even know them yourself. Etcetera. You’ve had at least 50 years of that marketing spiel now Sunla! Just tell me to shut up if I accidentally get started...'

'So what do you think's going on here, really though?' she asked me, as people usually do. 'Read next week's issue and you'll find out' was my usual diversionary answer.
** be continued perhaps as the time is about to run out. I liked the idea of writing a response, or continuation.