Visions Of Utopia

Entry by: Guesswho

14th March 2022
In Search of Utopia

Some believe utopia
resides in sunlight
glancing from the
wings of dragonflies.

And that’s just fine.

But to understand
paradise that well,
you have to come from
pretty close to Hell
in order to make
informed comparisons.

So, let’s define….

If we agree that those
who fail to grieve have
never really loved,
then by that token,
those afraid to love
cannot complain if life
should leave them numb
with hearts unbroken.

Those who are numb
cannot claim
to feel the cold
and must allow for
hot-heads to live
a life that’s bold
and live to love
and love to live
with no bars holed…

…if you get my drift.

And so it goes….
Life demands we take a risk
from time to time,
otherwise we’ll fall before
we’re even asked to climb.

We’ll only build utopia
if we’ve a mind to.
So, we should
cast fortune to the wind,
take the risk and feel inclined to…

Give it all.