Visions Of Utopia

Entry by: vinita18

2nd April 2022

From space Earth is a speck.
A dot, a fleck.
You can’t spot the rows of soldiers
crawling through a field
under an old sun,
from that distance.

Can’t spot the screaming mayhem
on this planet - People shooting or being shot at.
Blood flowing like a river.
Bodies of toddlers strewn like discarded dolls.

The fires of war scorching our children's children,
a fire perpetually hungry
for the wood of corpses.

It’s alright to summon the Buddha to mind
when you can’t take it anymore.
That calm face,
serene as daybreak grass,
an antidote to this claustrophobic violence.

They say you can fit thirteen Earths inside Jupiter.
Ask them if you can fit all the hatred we’ve nurtured on our planet, there.

is a beautiful vision of peace.
Peace that looms so large that its unmistakable even when sighted from space.