From The Cold

Entry by: JC

22nd December 2014
From the Cold

From the cold they burst forth, endless battalions, seeking out humanity. NASA had seen nothing. The SETI institute, constantly scanning the heavens, missed the invading armies.

When awareness finally dawned, defending troops were dispatched, but by then the enemy had become entrenched. Human anguish increased as the entities from the cold shifted their attacks, moving to different fronts and inflicting new kinds of damage.

Some people hid indoors, shivering under their blankets and praying that the invaders would leave. Others tried to go about their lives as usual pretending, in their misery, that nothing was wrong.

Somewhere in the second week the tide began to turn. The white-hatted good guys began winning more battles than they lost and by the third week it was all but over. The entities, close to annihilated, gathered their last soldiers in dark passages where they waited. Waited for the sneeze.

From the cold they burst forth...