Sometimes I'm Happy

Entry by: Henry C

30th September 2022

“Good morning, you’re through to the UK Business Helpline. My name is Josh, how can I help?”

There was a slight pause, then a nervous cough.

“Hi, my name is Rangeev, I am from India. I am thinking of starting a business .”

“Would this be in the UK, Rangeev?”

“This will be worldwide. I can base it in the UK. It will employ thousands of people and solve many problems.”

Josh smiled to himself. “Right, okay so tell me about it,”

“I have drawn up a plan for a flying car.”

“Sorry, did you say a flying car?” Several of Josh’s colleagues turned their heads. Josh arched his eyebrows.

“Yes. It would revolutionize transport across the globe. As you know road networks everywhere are congested…”

“Sorry, flying car,” Josh interrupted, “isn’t that a plane really,”

Some of his colleagues giggled.

“Well, perhaps it can be thought of like that,”

“And when did you come up with this idea, Rangeev?”

“I was watching a James Bond movie. There was a flying car in one of them. I have drawn a plan of my version.”

“James Bond.”

“Yes, The man with the Golden Gun. It is very good.”

“Don’t think I’ve seen it. A bit before my time. Okay then, a flying car. Let me take some details and we’ll see what we can do,” said Josh although he knew this would be a waste of time. Oh, do you have a business plan?”


“We will need to see a business plan before anything can be processed. Do you have investment?”

“No. I was going to ask for Investment from you.”

“Well we do provide some investment, Rangeev but only if you have money to invest also. Look on our website. There are business plan templates and ideas on where you can source finance for your start-up.”

“That is a good idea. When I have everything in place, I can call you back, yes?”

“Of course. You can ask to speak to me if you like. My name is Josh.”

“Thank you, Josh. I will speak to you soon.

Josh turned to Mary, his colleague. “A flying plane! Going to be one of those days.”

Josh smiled. He loves his job.

The next day, Josh’s phone rang again.

“Hi you’re through to the UK Business Helpline, my name is Josh…”

“Hello Josh, it is Rangeev.”

“Rangeev? Oh, Rangeev hello. How can I help? Did you go onto our website?”

“Yes, it is very good.”

“So do you need any help with your business plan?”

“No. I have changed my mind?”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Any reason?”

“Well, I could be sued if the flying car crashes. I would not want that. It would not be good.”

“I guess not. Such a shame. It was a good idea.” Josh tried to sound sympathetic.

“I have another idea, though.”

“Okay, tell me about it,”

“Well, I was watching a film last night…”

“Another Bond film?”

“No, no, no. They are so far-fetched, wouldn’t you agree?” Rangeev said

“I guess so.”

“I was watching a film called Back to the Future,”

“Oh, I haven’t seen that for years,”

“Yes, it is very good. Anyway, my idea is to build a time machine…”

Josh smiled again…