Fragments Of Time

Entry by: MediaOcracy

5th October 2022

In the end it’s the legal drugs that get his reformed heroin addict right hand man.

Turned now into the model citizen but then handed a Hep B death sentence diagnosis.

Unless he agrees to this drug cocktail trial.

Which turned the right hand man suicidal.

As he pulls up to the house she runs out. Hysterical screaming. Screaming.

He exits the car but thinking about the dog in the back seat, wastes seconds opening the window to let in air that is little use to the right hand man.

Inside she is still screaming. ‘I cut him down!’

He kneels by the figure in the hallway, beginning urgent CPR. Or what he thinks is CPR.

She screams.

He shouts, ‘Call the fucking ambulance!’

She does and through the snot and tears begs for help.

He shouts ‘Put the phone to my ear!’

He explains in a sentence. ‘This man has hung himself, I’m trying to do CPR and please send medics now!’

The calm voice at the other end says they are on the way and meantime counts him through the technique.

The dog is howling now. The screaming continues.

And the calm voice counting him through this madness.

And the images which stay in his mind are the red washing line thick neck welts and how peaceful his right hand man looks.

A look he has never seen before in the face of this ex-druggie.

Fifteen minutes spent to exhaustion when the paras arrive. He knew it was too late.

‘Get her out!’ One orders.

He gets her out and says it’s going to be OK. When he knows it isn’t.
The dog still howling.

The cops arrive. Questions, questions.

And then a police woman takes him to tell his wife that her brother is dead.