Fragments Of Time

Entry by: Alex Fleet

8th October 2022
Dffshdlhfshfs[adad]fsdfsfsd[ex]sfdsfakllj-fgsf[dasd].Start of message.[ocv]To whom it may concern.[ocv] I am writing this on 28/5/1998.[ocv]If my calculations correct you should be reading this on 28/5/1999.[ocv]Please copy the text at the end of this message and send with details of when you and where you have received it.[ocv]I am experimenting with time programming.[ocv]My theory is that with correct data input I can initiate time travel.[ocv]If you receive this it will have worked.[djsfdlfhslfsfh]I hope the message is complete and coherent.[ocv]Unlike defining a date and time for something to happen in the future with a binary programme which sits somewhere until that time arrives[sfsfjkhhahahlfal]and is capable of producing results in three dimensions[sfhshdlffd-rsrleyrs]the system uses a binary-plus system to achieve reactions in the fourth dimension – time.[ocv]So upon inputting the code into the world wide web and using the capacity of this system across the globe, the code simply disappears, then reappears when specified - a fragment of time[sfdskjfhkjsdahsdgds]travelling forwards to a year after it was sent.[ocv]We need to know when and if it appears, so please respond to this message and attach what information you can to prove when this message arrived such as who is the Prime Minster, who is the reigning Monarch, a unique event which happened today – if possible in picture format, and the location where you received the message.[ocv] After that the messages we send will become more sophisticated until we will be able to send programs into the future which can be encoded into objects printed out in three dimensions.[ocv]Our hope is to be able to “print out” explorers to travel forward in time, then return, via the worldwide web. End the message with the code “erpsll[rrr]yyxend” then send it. The code you need to send it to is: httpxrs:www.fd slgj[sdgg gee]sds=g ffdg h j