I Was Scared

Entry by: Paul McDermott

2nd January 2015
I was Scared [a Love Sonnet]

"Summer Lovin' happened so fast ..."
Yes, of course I was Scared, afraid our love might not last
The ritualistic, unrealistic, pseudoempathic, para-bloody-lytic,
Sychophantic silly season, the School Prom, so false and so plastic
In the merciless glare of the shadowless spotlight, my greatest fear now is
Daring to approach you, declare my feelings: still you don't even know I exist
O my perfect angel of flawless skin and sun-bleached snow-blond hair
When will you ever glance my way, acknowledge that I'm there?
Where you lead I will follow, every step of the way today and tomorrow
My eyes adore you, idolise you, glorify and beatify you
Where do I find such words in my mind whose sublime, exquisite grace
Could ever describe the wondrous beauty I see in your unforgettable face?
I taste my fear as our paths veer: I cannot reach through you towards Heaven
I beg you remember me in September - at the the Grand Old Age of eleven