I Was Scared

Entry by: spulusan

2nd January 2015
love poem to the buddhist in catholic school

i am told you’ll catch fire easily
like a charcoal lump on string

your decent is beyond prayer

light will emit through the gashes
that has taken over pale skin

blood will boil

you will be the sun for a few seconds
then a star burning forever

if death was underground
and without flame i would
snap insects in between my fingers

my tears would find gravity
so deep beyond the carpet

a steady leak in a cave
a salty ocean for you to float

shed your uniform
you are too good
for wax wings

come enter the bubble
bring earphones

we are only twelve years old
and death is an election

i’d rather you be sea foam
and air for a hundred years

i’ll laugh with you
until heaven

& i still like you devil or not

i know you are good so so so good
and maybe that could be enough
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