New Year Resolution

Entry by: vinita18

6th January 2015
Don't ask me of my resolves
this new year.

The old loves, pale with time
I have worn like soft gloves
And felt their aching tease from within.
Now I want to do away with memories
And just usher the new year in.

The speed at which I ran my life
is weak now.
Now I wish to stand on the sidelines.
Offer water to others who are in the race.
I want my feet to
slow their pace.

I want to give back
what I've taken -
everything except the pain.
I want to pass on the smiles,
hide the awful stains.

I want to feel the warmth of my company
in the sweet zephyrs of solitude.
I want the lightness of 'not clinging'
The joy of having open, empty palms.
And a mind beautifully calm.

Take my desires to the gallows this new year - set them free
And let me feel pure emptiness
The only way to be...

And when this year ends,
I'll be lighter still
because of all the things I gave up
to let the new year in.

This new year, do not ask me of my resolutions.
Let the scattered yarn of life be rolled into a solid ball
and that be my only resolve.