Love And Music

Entry by: Martin Willitts Jr

14th January 2015

There’s a love song, going from major
to minor keys. When you say, it’s over,
the baritone sax of my heart
can only moan so low,
it darkens the moon
until it pops.

This is the sadness of lovers
before jumping off bridges.
The long distances traveled so deeply.
The longing, the impossible waiting,
the veins of lyrics —
all blood, all bloodless.

This is the suspension bridge
from lands-end
to landfall. Noises in empty hallways
of the lungs. Hazes of loss on windows.
You wonder, when will love wake up?

The black-petal toned cellophane sky rends.
A body, that last sad note,
is indefinitely falling,
narrowly missing the ferry,
one of many occurrences
never making the news.