Love And Music

Entry by: vinita18

14th January 2015
You are a stranger once again.

I don't recognize your lips...
Are they the same that filled my gasps with RUMI's lines?
And tattooed your voice on my neck?

I don't recognize your hands...
Are they the same that made polyps in air to hold bustling Monarchs
before the night buried days in deeper sands?

Now, when we shake hands,
yours feel wired to the choices you made -
handcuffed to moments not mine.

I have run out of curtains and shades
and now speak clearly with my eyes,
so don't mind the shards.

Don't speak to me again of a little cottage in the woods
pegged to the mountains
windows laced with birdsongs.

Don't speak of haze, love, music, melting, drowning - all those crazy words.
Don't mention them even with your gait
as you stride towards me in a crowd.

Because like you, your stride too is a stranger.
And when you speak, I hear all the world's noise in your words
I miss the silence of your fingertips.
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