Love And Music

Entry by: Lossie Laxton

14th January 2015
Always music has been our gift, our
talisman, last out of Pandora's Box,
flowing like a stream of happiness
to make everything alright.

The right kind of childhood sees that
things can always be resolved, there's
always a 'the end' to every story, be it
bad behaviour, bullying, scary monsters
parents arguing in the dark.

Any kind of adulthood has no such
resolution, so what do we do?
We turn to our greatest heroes,
the writers of our songs, those who
switch on to tell us everything is
alright in three minutes of chords.

Once upon a summertime...
We whistled a happy tune...
I will wait for you...
dancing in the dark...
Won't you give a little whistle,
shout jiminy cricket?
And marie mongan
chants on and on while life
emerges painfully down below;
as monks chant as they save our souls.
The job's a game.
Our song can always
take you to a happy face -
it is in the stars, more than
your animal brain.