Love And Music

Entry by: Paul McDermott

15th January 2015
Love and Music: a Sonnet

Love and Music

There is no “u” in Me, Myself or I
In Truth and Music it resides, and in my loved one's eyes
I may claim to be lyricist, wordsmith, songwriter or poet
But without Music my words can never take flight, and I know it
Music and Love commingle, fuse into one sublime creation
Each guarding, shielding, protecting the other with unquestioning devotion
My music is tuned to the rhythm of your heart’s beat
Music of the spheres which we alone can hear, melodies so sweet
In perfect step we pirouette and glide
I soar on the wings of music with you by my side
Beautiful melodies lift us up to dance on the clouds above
Together forever entranced with each other, you fill my soul with your love
Love and Music, Music and Love: old as the hills, yet each day I discover
Something fresh, something novel, something exciting in my one true love