Love And Music

Entry by: aliascath

16th January 2015
'Let it go! Let it gooooo!'
A phrase that will be familiar to almost all parents of young children at the moment. My four year old runs and twirls, unable to keep her body still as the song floods from her mouth. My 20 month old bellows the main lines, closing her eyes in sheer enjoyment.
I watch from the sidelines, am cajoled into dancing occasionally. It's ok as catchy pop songs go, but nothing special in my view.

I catch myself though. Take myself back thirty years, am twirling myself, entirely caught up in the moment as Blondie's Parallel Lines blasts out. My body is consumed with the music.
That I don't understand, probably can't make out, all the words doesn't matter. The vital need to hear the music and move in time is all.
I won't compare the merits of my childhood music and theirs. The experience, the love and sheer joy, that's what matters.
So on the 753rd rendition of Let It Go (today! ), I see past the plastic Disney coating to the happiness that loving music creates.