Love And Music

Entry by: KMaidmarion

16th January 2015

You and I have always been divided. At times it has felt like a great railway ran between us - the tracks humming quietly - the vibrations unsettling and setting my teeth on edge. Sometimes we take tentative steps across the tracks, but before we reach one another, a warning horn is sounded and we are knocked back by the force of a diesel train as it pounds its way through the desolate valley of our relationship. Its freight is a reminder to us of the baggage we carry - a reminder that it's much safer to stay either side of the divide that separates us, no matter how lonely that is.

But there are exceptions. When the past can recede into the background and love can be rekindled - if only for the length of time it takes the L P to turn on its table. Between those circular tracks, love and music reigns - the melody and harmony lulling us into a place of peace. Our mutual love of music can overcome what lies beyond the turntable and in the ruts of our relationship. In those times we work together, riding the same groove, whilst trying to keep the music free of dust and the L P free from scratches. We know very well, that one screech, or jump on the track, is enough to set us back and into the oncoming path of the freight train.