Love And Music

Entry by: jaguar

16th January 2015
Wooden Horse

Let the film spool
unseen on the stained floor
its frames lost from life
as love and music restart,
our hands touch again,
hope stirs as sure as Spring.

I send you battalions of my regrets
they lay their weapons down,
they beseech you
to let my wooden horse
ride through your brain,
reinstate your view of me,
invade your thoughts.

I don't know this you
you've changed your mind
I cannot find my way around it.

Let me be again
your delight,
bloom promise open.
Let me back in to
your first view of me,
it's my real self
you've exiled to our past.

Your mind can reform
around its evaporated love,
make it seem solid again.
Our soundtrack can play on
all you have to do
is cut out those feet of film,
those slippery, dark images,
unknow, unhear, unsee them.