Love And Music

Entry by: tinyfeet&bluebirds

16th January 2015
Rock your baby tonight

Stick on the reggae
Turn up the folk,
Keep that body moving
Baby needs to rock.

Don't forget to murmur
Sweet nothings in her ear,
Keep your hips a-swaying
Baby loves to hear

The words that you whisper
When everyone's asleep.
When there's no one there to witness
All the tenderness you keep
Locked up inside you
Ready to overflow,
A river of loving
Now with somewhere to go.

For this tiny life you hold,
In the circle of your arms,
has kindled up a fire
that flickers and warms.
Though you're tired and sleepy
And there's sick stuck in your hair,
The midnight hour's for dancing
To waltz and whirl with flair.
Till your back feels like it's breaking
And tears sting behind your eyes,
But baby's eyes are drooping
As you croon of love's sweet wiles.

Quietly you murmur
Sweet nothings in her ear.
Keep your hips a swaying
Baby's rest is near.

Turn down the reggae
Ease out the folk
Lay down without moving
Baby's fast asleep.