Cup Of Tea?

Entry by: Godai41

23rd January 2015
A Cup of Tea entry for Hour of Writes

T: a letter truly to the world.

(Thank you Emily D--not T )

Dickens’ son?

“This is my letter to the world. . . .”

Emily continues: I wrote my letter to the world while

“ . . . tasting a liquor never brewed,” excuse please, my private tea.

Tea (Arthur God frey’s) in the LipTTTT on radio/tv days, it's Durwood Kirby time.

Teeing off as in the obnoxious Hoganite tee.

Ti, a loving pronoun in savaged Roman terrains, not Itealy.

Teeming rain.

Tea, the British paradigm for therapy, neurosis, while losing the already emptying empire.

T, my, not Emily’s, later letter to the multiverse.

I'm not teasing.

Note to the readers

Dear Readers,

Please enjoy the total play on and join in the word and sound of tea. No inappropriate meaning intended. Don’t be teed or even tea-ed off.