Love In 2014

Entry by: writerGAKBUVWUMQ

14th February 2014
In hunting and gathering we triumphed
and then we had time to love;
was it gratitude for food and warmth,
or was it something new?

Persistent knocks at the door with flowers...
More bangs and parcels,
the strategy of love

Is there an updated bit of the brain, that
mingles the lust of attraction with
the need of protection?
A nouveau love zone.

It's natural to sleep with conquerors;
and in fact in 2014 love is
an advanced survival technique,
just as it was when it started;
it doesn't always work, but
that's the gamble;
sometimes you put all your reserves
into catching that deer because you're
starving, and miss; eating grass is fine.
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