Speed Of Light

Entry by: vinita18

27th January 2015
Speed Of Light

One moment I was holding your hand
Guiding your tender baby steps
Next thing I knew you were chasing your dreams;
you grew up at the speed of light.

Do you remember how you played solo football in the rains?
And after I'd scrubbed you dry we sailed origami paper boats
in the rivulets dancing on the terrace -
- those days evaporated at the speed of light.

Once you became Schnappi, the crocodile
and dragged yourself on your belly all over the house
Now silence drags its feet on the floors
A strange vacuum sucks in hours, days and months... at the speed of light.

Ah! The stretch of emptiness once children grow up
Ah! How the wooden doorways of home
get ginned with happy tears when they return
popping in and out like sunshine at the speed of light.

Son, you'll soon be married
Have children of your own
You'll know then, how soft I stood on the threshold
Every time you left...left at the speed of light.

Life is fine...there are no complaints
Growing up is a span all parents endure
As I have...you shall too one day. Wrote this to prepare you
for the squeeze in the heart that comes at the speed of light.