Speed Of Light

Entry by: GCLE

28th January 2015
Speed of Light

“Too fast for me,” thought Michelson. He had never been on a water slide before and with an already heightened sensitivity, was frightened.
“Probably a heart attack,” said the forensic lady. “There’s no water in his lungs,” and then added as forensic ladies are supposed to, “I can’t say anything more definite until the post mortem has been completed.”

Sergeant Morley, reporting to Superintendent Smith next day could not resist a typically wry comment that it was an odd way for a middle-aged accountant to finish up.
“Was anyone with him?” Smith asked.
“Yes a fellow golfer who says Michelson had suggested going to the local pool instead of golf because of the hot day. His name is Noel Nitty and he drives a truck for a company that has a haulage contract with the Lite Chocolate factory. That’s where Michelson worked.”
A constable knocked and entered the room. “Sorry to interrupt sir but I was told this is urgent.” He handed Smith a message and left.
“Well well,” said Smith. “They found one of those synthetic hallucinatory drugs in Michelson, one that has a narrow dose gap between the desired effect and death. You had better pay a visit to the Lite Chocolate Company and ask some questions. This could be serious. Get there as soon as possible.”
“Speed of light Guv, you know me,” said Morley.

The factory manager Noah Nash was expecting him, having heard that Michelson had drowned. “Terrible business,” he said. “Terrible business.”
“Yes,” said Morley, “The circumstances are unclear and we wish to ask his co-workers if they know anything that might help us.”
“Feel free,” said Noah. “I can tell you that he was a competent chief accountant and was recently investigating the disappearance of several consignments of chocolate. I’ll introduce you to our operations manager, Lily Lightbody.” Morley noticed with appreciation the hint of availability in her manner.

“Well I can say this,” she said. “Michelson seemed to be spending a lot of time lately in the loading bay talking to Leah Lindsay. She’s the so-called dispatch manager. Maybe it was just something personal”.

Morley wandered to the loading bay taking in as much of the factory activity as he could. When he arrived, Leah was recording on a clipboard the loading of boxes into a truck. Finding he was a policeman, she stopped the line and asked what she could do to help. When he explained, she said, “Oh that bitch sent you. She’s got the hots for Michelson and she’s as jealous as hell. Michelson’s not a bad sort and it’s no secret he’s investigating pilfering. She knows why he has been talking to me but can’t resist seeing more in it than there is. He is nothing more than a co-worker to me”.

Nitty stepped out of the driver’s cabin and came over to them. “What’s up?” he said to Leah.
“This is sergeant Morley, he’ll explain.”
“I hear you were at the pool with Michelson when he died,” said Morley.
“Yes poor coot, came out of the slide at a good pace, splashed into the pool and didn’t come up. They tried to revive him but he was gone.”

“So,” said the Superintendent, “It looks as if any one of them could have a motive for killing him, three for their involvement in the pilfering and one for jealousy as well. Better start over again with Lily Lightbody.”

Back at Lite Chocolate, Morley came straight out with it. “Lily, traces of a new synthetic drug were found in Michelson’s body. Would you have you any idea how they got there?”
“Oh yes,” she said. “A very clear idea. He used to be a chemist, made the stuff in his home laboratory and often used it himself. He gave me some once. It had a pretty weird effect, not bad, but who would know how much to take? I can tell you this now that he’s gone – he started selling it. A young guy on a motor bike used to pick up a packet left on the fence here. I’ve heard him referred to as Sunbeam.”
At that moment a motor bike screeched to a stop beside them and immediately took off again. It was over in a second.
“That’s him,” she said.
“He’s fast,” said Morley.
“Nothing’s faster,” she said.