Speed Of Light

Entry by: Martin Willitts Jr

29th January 2015
Speed of Light

What if Einstein is wrong about light?
That light comes at individual intervals,
some faster and slower, some slinking
across the meridian, some traveling beyond,
and light is not applied equally all the time,
therefore, two ships could travel into space
leaving the same time to the same distance,
but one ship would arrive sooner. Maybe,
it is like meeting someone the first time,
and if you had arrived sooner or left later
you would have never met, fell in love or
decided you were not meant to be together.
It is all in the subtle timing. Maybe,
it is why two people could be in an accident,
head-on, one survives, the other does not.
The real world is random circumstances,
so why is space travel a fixed constant?
Better yet, what makes any of us certain
light is real when you cannot touch it.
Einstein said everything was relative.
Perhaps, this is what he really meant.
When I notice you warm spot on the bed
when you are gone, it is relative to absence,
and when you return back into my arms
you fill me with particle light, diffusing,
traveling the distance relative to my loss.
Quantum physics can explain love
when no other answer explains the feeling.