Speed Of Light

Entry by: Jim bob

30th January 2015
The Speed Of Light

I was amused watching my daughter, Emma as she mused over her colourful picture of the solar system. A small giggle errupted every now and then from her four year old mouth, for no apparent reason,as her finger darted spasmodically from one planet to the next.
' And whats so funny?' I asked, rubbing her golden locks and leaning over her as she continued the epic journey through the planets. Sun light shone throuh the window highlighting those locks of hers, already beginning to turn brunette at the sides.
' Whats this one?' she asked pointing a saliva coated finger randomly at one of the planets. Ever the enquiring mind, was my Emma, and ever the grown up madame. Like Shirley temple from those old black and white films. Her little blue dressing gown adorned a coating of milk, I noticed when she turned round to me expecting an anwser. I smirked at this
' Thats Pluto, young lady.'
'Pruto?' she said giving me a quizzed stare
'No. Its Pluto with an L' I sipped my coffee.
'Pruto' she said and then shrieked with laughter, the cat, Ornelius jumped from his basket in the corner in surprise.
'Pluto is where dogs come from' I said to her once the squeals of delight had abated.
She looked at me, again with finger in mouth displaying concentration, almost confusion.
'Thats silly, daddy' she said. And then another eruption of giggles exploded At the same time her arm connected with the Rice Krispies box, knocking it and sent cereal flying across the table. I took my hanky and wiped her snotty nose.
'You little monkey, you'. What a tear away!'
'Are they really from Pruto, daddy? she asked oblivious to my comments.
'Why of course they are, all the kinds of dogs you can imagine' I replied.
'Is Cornelius from Pruto then? The saliva coated finger was back in her mouth again, dribbles of it falling from her hand to her dressing gown
'Cornelius is a cat. Cats dont come from Pluto. Only dogs'
She wriggled around on the cushioned chair, seemingly ignoring my anwser, her attention returning to the solar system,decorated with a scattering of Rice Krispies.
'Whats that one? she screamed, pointing at another planet, loud giggles returning
I looked at the little pink planet, and smiled to myself in anticipation of my next fib.
'This one is called Mars,' I said.
She was quiet for a moment, the seriousness was back, along with the finger.
'What comes from Mars? she asked her expectant eyes focusing on me in anticipation. The late morning sun dimmed behind some cloud, making our kitchen seem dark in contrast to the initial brightness.
'Well pronounced' I said. 'Chocolate come from Mars'
On hearing this,Emma jumped from her chair, and started running round the kitchen table in hysterics, causing the cautious Cornelius to finally flee altogether.
I chased her, then swept her up in my arms, wriggling to escape as tears of joy rolled down her flushed, dimpled cheeks.
' I got you' I growled, holding her high above my head.
'All chocolate?' she asked, after I'd set her down in the chair, her calmness returned.
'Every type you can imagine' I replied
Then, as if content with my anwser,her interest returned to the picture and pointed at the sun, ignoring